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With the restoration of the Chigi Gallery in the Quirinal Palace in 2011, and later, the exhibition of tapestries by Pontormo and Bronzino in 2015, Bracco has written important pages in the history of Italian patronage
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Nasivin and Nasicortin, two drugs registered in Italy by Bracco Industria Chimica, were on the spacecraft with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins due to their particular efficacy against rhinitis, the common cold, sinus infection, and pink eye
In the heart of Rho, where fifty years ago the Diana de Silva Cosmétiques company once stood, the Bracco Group built a contemporary theater dedicated to Roberto de Silva, entrepreneur and art enthusiast
Stories of Innovation
Iopamidolo Revolution
From Professor Felder's molecule to the products for different modalities in diagnostic imaging - because research never stops
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Stories of Sustainability
Supporting the next generations
From the "Nina Bracco Salata” scholarships to the progettoDiventerò: Bracco's commitment to the youth
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Elio Bracco learns German in prison and, thanks to Merck in Darmstadt, establishes his business in 1927
Inaugurazione mostra ‘The Beauty of imaging’
Stories of Innovation
When “CAT” turns “POP”
The "Beauty of Imaging": an exhibition that explains the importance of Röntgen's diagnostics for predictive medicine through the language of art
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Stories of Innovation
The entrepreneur and the scientist
The friendship between Fulvio Bracco and Ernst Felder at the beginning of a great Made in Italy achievement in the Life Sciences