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Two generations reflected in the mirror: the entrepreneurial vocation of Fulvio and Diana Bracco
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On November 15th, 1999, Fulvio Bracco celebrates his 90th birthday as well as 65 years as an entrepreneur – two major achievements to which the Region of Lombardy and the Province of Trieste want to pay special tribute. At a celebratory event at the Conservatory in Milan, attended by all of his employees, Bracco is awarded the Gold Medal for the Region of Lombardy. In Trieste, the provincial council presents him with the Seal of the Province of Trieste during a public ceremony held in the council chamber. 

“At this point in my story,” writes Fulvio Bracco in his book of memoirs, “my daughter Diana takes center stage. Recruited on January 1st, 1966 as an entry-level employee, she did a bit of everything. First in management control, then in administration before becoming, in 1969, assistant director to the chairman. She mastered all aspects of the company business, not in a short time but over a period of years. I had her do everything that was necessary; in other words, being my daughter absolutely did not mean quick transitions within the company, everything progressed in stages. By my side, Diana learned to act according to what each of these roles required. She participated in the whole evolution of the research, and in the life and expansion of the company. Otherwise she would not be what she is today. Together, we discussed and took important, even bold, decisions. I don’t know if it’s a question of fate, but Diana also followed in my footsteps when it came to associations: Vice President of Confindustria, President of Federchimica, and President of Assolombarda. She even received the same national honor as me: Italy’s Order of Merit for Labour.”

Special issue of magazine dedicated to Fulvio Bracco's 90th birthday, November 1999
Diana Bracco e Fulvio Bracco con la ricercatrice russa Lagòunova durante il Simposio Internazionale sulla Diagnostica Preventiva svoltosi presso l'Istituto per la cura dei tumori di Milano , 5 giugno 1970
Diana Bracco at the company in the 1980s

Remembering her start at the company, Dianca Bracco today admits: “My father reserved a tough apprenticeship for me, but I was readily welcomed and was immediately called Dottoressa by everyone, which was a sign of respect. I always appreciated that my father’s work group was very cohesive, because it must be said that he – and this is also something that I find in my own working life – was able to surround himself with truly united, devoted and committed employees. In my opinion, it meant a lot for them to see how he was the first one to take responsibility and make sacrifices. Indeed, the entrepreneurial vocation must be carried within. And I realized that I had it, thanks mainly to my father. He was the one who guided me on the right path, teaching me many things and gradually inserting me into business environments and associations where, having contact with experienced managers and entrepreneurs, I was able to learn a lot.”

Fulvio Bracco recounts the moment his daughter Diana joined the company.
Fulvio Bracco, the man and the entrepreneur, as told by his daughter Diana.
Diana Bracco: 50 years of work in the company.
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Special issue of magazine dedicated to Fulvio Bracco's 90th birthday, November 1999
Letter from the President of the Province of Trieste, Renzo Codarin, about the presentation of the Seal of the Province of Trieste to Fulvio Bracco, 7 September 1999
Renzo Codarin presents the Seal of the Province of Trieste to Fulvio Bracco, 26 November 1999
Letter of appointment for Diana Bracco, 20 December 1965
Diana Bracco's employment booklet, issued by the City of Milan, 24 June 1966
Diana Bracco in her office, 1970s
Fulvio Bracco receives the Order of Merit for Labour from the President of the Republic, Antonio Segni, 17 October 1963
Diana Bracco and Fulvio Bracco with the Russian researcher Lagòunova during the International Symposium on Preventive Diagnostics, Istituto per la cura dei tumori, Milan, 5 June 1970
Diana Bracco with the President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, during the ceremony to award her the Order of Merit for Labour, 29 November 2002
Diana Bracco at the company in the 1980s
Fulvio Bracco, President of Aschimici (National Association of Chemical Industry), on the cover of the special issue of the bimonthly Chemical Industry, 1983 n. 2
Fulvio and Diana Bracco with Benito Benedini, 1980s
Fulvio Bracco, newly "decano" of the Order of Merit for Labour, with his daughter Diana, 2002
Diana Bracco dances with her father Fulvio while celebrating her birthday, 5 July 2001
Celebrations for Bracco's 60th anniversary, 1987
Extract of a letter from Fulvio Bracco to his daughter Diana regarding her appointment as manager, 2 January 1969
Diana Bracco and Queen Elizabeth II of England, during a meeting with Milanese entrepreneurs, 18 October 2000

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