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"All family companies have a soul, because they are founded on the desire of an entrepreneur to build something that will last through time. The historical archive preserves this soul, and provides a compass for the future."

Diana Bracco

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Exploring the past of a historical company that is building the future

Browse stories, thousands of documents, photographs, technical drawings and advertisements in the five sections of the Bracco Archive, and discover the patrimony of a company founded in 1927 by Elio Bracco and now a world leader in diagnostic imaging.

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Family stories

Elio Bracco with Italy in his heart

Founder of the Bracco Group, irredentist and Garibaldi admirer, imprisoned for his patriotism
Company stories

The courage to turn the page

Elio Bracco learns German in prison and, thanks to Merck in Darmstadt, establishes his business in 1927
Stories of Innovation

The entrepreneur and the scientist

The friendship between Fulvio Bracco and Ernst Felder at the beginning of a great Made in Italy achievement in the Life Sciences
Stories of Sustainability

Torviscosa: perfect osmosis between chemistry, development and culture

Bracco's main factory in Italy was built according to a key principle: do not use greenfield land
Stories of Culture

The good fortune of growing up with music

Bracco's theater box at La Scala is a family tradition because passion for the opera needs to be cultivated

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House organ

Browse the company’s first house organ

Online repository of in-house publications for employees, beginning with first issue of 1962, signed by Tullio Bracco.

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