Bracco becomes a Historical Trademark of National Interest

In the Special Register of the Historical Marks of National Interest at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, there is a new name: Bracco. Established in 2020 by the Ministry of Economic Development, the «Historical Trademark of National Interest» logo is given exclusively to trademarks of registered companies, continuously renewed for at least 50 years and used for the marketing of products of excellence, historically linked to the Italian territory.

Bracco, therefore, joins that select club of companies that represent the spearhead of our Made in Italy, and enhance the image of Italy in the world. “This is an achievement that I am proud of,” says Diana Bracco, President and CEO of the Bracco Group, “because a company’s brand provides an internationally competitive edge. Indeed, the logo is full of company history and values, and can conveys emotions. In the pharmaceutical chemicals and imaging industry, the Bracco logo stands for responsibility, reliability, seriousness and effectiveness. In other words, it is an assurance of quality for doctors, patients, institutions, suppliers, and for the employees themselves who feel a strong sense of belonging at all corporate offices around the world.”

The Bracco Group logo also has a story behind it that deserves to be told: the hexagon was personally designed by Fulvio Bracco in the 1970s. The captain of industry was inspired by the benzene ring at the center of the Iopamidol chemical structure, the result of Bracco’s in-house research, which revolutionized diagnostic imaging worldwide and is still the gold standard today.

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Diana Bracco e Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, 2022

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