Stories of Innovation

Research and innovation are part of our DNA

A view of the past and of the future of diagnostics, the science of "seeing inside" which revolutionized the world of doctors and patients

Let yourself be carried away by a storytelling rich of emotions, memory and future

Stories of Innovation
Iopamidolo Revolution
From Professor Felder's molecule to the products for different modalities in diagnostic imaging - because research never stops
Inaugurazione mostra ‘The Beauty of imaging’
Stories of Innovation
When “CAT” turns “POP”
The "Beauty of Imaging": an exhibition that explains the importance of Röntgen's diagnostics for predictive medicine through the language of art
COVER_BN_FB e EF ott 1988_l_imprenditore e lo scienziato041 copia
Stories of Innovation
The entrepreneur and the scientist
The friendship between Fulvio Bracco and Ernst Felder at the beginning of a great Made in Italy achievement in the Life Sciences

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